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Pet Rescue of Mercer does not have a facility, so adoptable dogs and cats are placed into foster homes until they can be found permanent homes. Because foster homes are limited, we have limited space available to take your pet into our rescue. We can only take in animals when a foster home is available. If you need to surrender your pet, please email us with as much information about your pet, situation and pictures and we will do our best to help you. 

An in person meet and greet with your dog will be scheduled with our volunteers prior to them being acccepted in our program.  Please note that dogs with serious aggression issues and/or bite histories will not be accepted into our program.

If you have the time and resources, and are able to hold onto your pet in your own home until a forever home is found, please read on about our Foster Your Own Pet program below. 

Web Sites and Flyers


PRM has many avenues available to advertise that your pet is available for adoption. We will post your animal's picture and information to our web site. The information would also be shown at PetsMart where we hold adoptions days on Saturday.


If anyone is interested in your dog or cat, they can fill out our adoption application and we will screen the adopters for you. We will arrange for a private meeting if the application is deemed to be a good fit for your pet.



PetsMart Adoption Days


Each Saturday, PRM is at PetsMart from 11am to 1pm showing shelter dogs and cats available for adoption. Often, we have room to allow 1 or 2 owners to show their dogs and cats as well. Space is very limited at PetsMart, so if you want to come you need to schedule in advance.


A PRM Volunteer must meet your dog and determine if it is suitable for the PetsMart environment. We cannot allow aggressive dogs to remain at the store.


Program Requirements


For these services, we would require you send the following:


  • Completed "Foster Your Own Pet Application" 

  • Proof of current vaccinations (distemper and rabies) Your pet can not stay at PetsMart unless they have the required shots. For cats, a letter from your vet saying the cat is FIV/Leukemia negative. 

  • Multiple current pictures of dog or cat 

  • A description of your cat or dog (The more information you provide the better your chance of placing the animal.) 


If you are interested in our help, please fill out our online application. You can email the digital picture, bio and veterinary records.


If you have questions, please email us, we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have!

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