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PRM is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductable. 100% of funds are spent on animal welfare, and all members are non-paid volunteers.


Donate now 


Join PRM ...or any humane organization of your choice. Grass roots groups have incredible impact. Joining can mean the difference between life and death.


Volunteer with PRM & make a difference

And tell your friends! Think first of animals that have been dumped in shelters because their owners got tired of them, or the new landlord won't accept pets, or the owners moved.


Find your new best friend

Temporarily house a dog or cat until a permanent home can be found. Fostering is an optimal way to save animals. Animals selected for fostering are those at the highest risk.


Sign up to foster and save a life

Urge municipal, county and state officials to take actions that protect animals. Write letters to your local newspaper. Examples: Pass mandatory spay/neuter laws rather than using tax dollars to euthanize healthy, adoptable animals. Strengthen anti-cruelty laws and provide enhanced enforcement of existing laws.

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