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Pet Rescue of Mercer was founded by Jenny Swingle of Hamilton Township in 1997.  PRM was created when two people shared their concern over the plight of stray and abandonded animals at a random meeting in an animal shelter parking lot. From that day, PRM has grown one person, one phone call, one meeting, one dollar at a time.





Pet Rescue of Mercer actively promote local municipal animal shelters and rescue groups as the best source for animal adoptions. We act as an adoption liaison between municipal shelters and the public. We utilize the Internet, flyers placed in public and private businesses, newspaper articles, advertisements & community events to convey our message.


PRM offers a "Foster Your Own Pet" FYOP program designed to help keep animals in homes rather than entering a shelter. FYOP works! Through support and education, FYOP has kept many, many animals from ever having to enter a shelter.


A primary life saving tool is our Foster Parent Program. Through this program, loving individuals offer their homes and their love as temporary foster parents to animals that otherwise might be euthanized.


Pet Rescue of Mercer provides extensive medical care, above and beyond what most municipal shelters are willing to pay. We will remove animals from shelters and privately board if we believe they are in danger of euthanization due to space constraints.


Sadly, the animals that are being routinely destroyed in Mercer County and around the country are not just the neglected or abused strays. Tragically, pets are routinely abandoned when families move, when landlords forbid animals, if the pet has costly medical problems, or when they simply fall out of favor.







  •  Spay / neutering as a primary solution to pet overpopulation. 


  •  Ongoing education that encourages people to become advocates of humane alternatives to euthanization as a solution to pet overpopulation. 


  •  Increased "animal friendliness" and "people friendliness" of shelters, including night and weekend hours, family adoption rooms and special adoption days.


  •  Increased retention of pets in existing homes through counseling and other services.


  •  Increased comfort and socialization for animals in shelters. This offers a direct humane benefit to the animal and increases its adoptability by helping it retain its familiarity with people and its kinship with other animals. 


  •  A home for every animal born.


  •  The elimination of puppy mills.



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