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Pet Rescue of Mercer (PRM) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit animal rescue group based in Mercer County, NJ. 

PRM rescues neglected, abused, and abandoned animals from local shelters by finding quality homes for them.


64 dogs and cats are euthanized EVERYDAY in municipal shelters in New Jersey.*  

Since 1997, Pet Rescue of Mercer has been working to change that in a variety of ways.



Sadly, the animals that are being routinely destroyed in Mercer County and around the country are not just the neglected or abused strays. Tragically, pets are abandoned when families move, when landlords forbid animals, or when they simply fall out of favor. PRM pulls animals from shelters to prevent unnecessary euthanization and works directly with owners to rehome their pets. Adoptable dogs and cats are placed into foster homes or privately boarded until they can be found permanent homes. 


Extraordinary Medical Care

Urgent medical problems are very often the only thing standing between animals and a loving, adoptive home. PRM is dedicated to helping animals receive the veterinary care that they so desperately need to help them correct and treat extreme medical issues, congenital defects and other injuries.


Spaying and Neutering

The best way to curb the number of homeless dogs and cats is with sterilization. PRM spays and neuters all eligible animals before adoption and actively advocates spay/neuter throughout the community.



PRM attends numerous local community events throughout the year to promote the importance of rescue and adoption.



*Based on 23,490 dogs and cats euthanized in 2013. Source: NJ Dept. of Health and Sr. Services. 2013 Animal Intake and Disposition. 

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