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The Compassionate Journey of Pet Rescue of Mercer

In Mercer County, New Jersey, a beacon of hope and compassion shines bright – Pet Rescue of Mercer (PRM). As an all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue group, PRM has been tirelessly working since 1997 to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome neglected, abused, and abandoned animals from local shelters.

A Lifeline for the Vulnerable: In Mercer County and across the nation, animals face the tragic fate of unnecessary euthanasia due to various circumstances. PRM, fueled by a deep commitment to animal welfare, steps in to prevent this heartbreaking outcome. Beyond rescuing neglected and abused strays, the organization extends its reach to help animals abandoned due to moving, landlord restrictions, medical issues, or changing life circumstances.

Fostering Hope, One Home at a Time: Unlike traditional shelters, PRM operates without a physical facility. Adoptable dogs and cats find refuge in loving foster homes until permanent homes can be secured. This unique approach not only provides a more comfortable and nurturing environment for the animals but also allows them to receive individualized care, rehabilitation, and socialization.

Every Saturday, the Hamilton Marketplace Petsmart in Hamilton, NJ, becomes a hub of hope as PRM showcases adoptable pets from 11 AM to 1 PM, connecting them with potential loving families.

A History Rooted in Compassion: Founded in 1997 by Jenny Swingle of Hamilton Township, PRM has grown from humble beginnings. The organization's inception was sparked by a chance meeting in an animal shelter parking lot, where two compassionate individuals shared concerns about the plight of stray and abandoned animals. From that day forward, PRM has evolved one person, one phone call, one meeting, and one dollar at a time.

Championing Change: PRM's mission extends beyond rescuing animals from shelters. With a staggering 64 dogs and cats euthanized daily in municipal shelters in New Jersey, PRM actively works to change this heartbreaking statistic. The organization educates the community about the importance of adopting from local shelters and rescue groups through various channels, including social media, its website, public and private business flyers, advertisements, and community events.

Foster Your Own Pet (FYOP) Program: Understanding the significance of keeping animals in homes, PRM offers the "Foster Your Own Pet" (FYOP) program. By providing support and education, FYOP has successfully prevented numerous animals from entering shelters, creating a bridge for pets to remain in their loving homes.

Comprehensive Medical Care: PRM goes above and beyond, offering extensive medical care beyond what many municipal shelters can provide. Urgent medical problems often stand between animals and loving homes, and PRM is dedicated to ensuring that animals receive the veterinary care they desperately need to overcome medical issues, congenital defects, and injuries.

Advocacy and Community Engagement: Pet Rescue of Mercer actively participates in local community events throughout the year, advocating for the importance of rescue and adoption. The organization uses these opportunities to raise awareness, promote responsible pet ownership, and showcase the incredible transformations that can occur when animals find their forever homes.

In the compassionate hands of Pet Rescue of Mercer, animals find more than shelter—they find hope, love, and the promise of a better life. Through their unwavering dedication, PRM continues to be a driving force in the fight against unnecessary euthanasia, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond rescue and touches the lives of animals and the community at large. As they say at PRM, "Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever."

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